2009 21/10

Amsterdam Dance Event 2009 (21-24 oktober)

Nu kommer mer Amsterdamtips – Amsterdam Dance Event 2009 (ADE). ADE är  världens största festival för elektronisk musik! Har ni vägarna förbi Amsterdam i helgen, missa inte ADE!

För mer info besök gärna festivalens hemsida här.


Bilden är lånad härifrån.

”ADE is the most forward-thinking electronic music festival out there right now – nowhere else has nailed the balance of headline superstars, industry experts and underground heroes of the future with as much panache; all of that in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enjoy.” Innes Weir, M8 Magazine /GB

”ADE is getting more important every year. This is really THE festival in Northern Europe if you have any interest in the global dance scene. I headed from club to club and was stunned about the amount of people showing up, the great atmosphere and the diversity of the events. A night out at ADE is a musical journey, a great opportunity to network and furthermore just have fun. I will definitely be back next year.” Mats Almegard, Groove Magazine & Swedish National Radio /SE

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