2010 25/01

”Russian men relate to women mainly through sex”

Det var länge sen jag läste något liknande – Lessons in Love: The Millionaire Hunters (Marie Claire). Läs ni också.

”Russian men relate to women mainly through sex,” Varra tells the students, who range in age from 21 to 60, and who wait as long as a year and a half to attend the popular classes. ”So if a man is happy in bed, you’re halfway there.” But only halfway, she cautions, because even the most sexually acrobatic woman won’t succeed unless she knows how to manipulate a man’s brain as well. ”You must show him you have self-respect, that you are a precious jewel he must cherish,” says Varra, who is a trained psychologist with three divorces under her flashy silver belt. ”Otherwise he will get bored and drink vodka.” She winks…”

Jag kan skratta åt det hela, men samtidigt blir jag skitirriterad. Det går liksom inte göra något åt det.


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