2013 31/10

Mer dålig stämning

En mycket bra krönika i Fokus – läs om ni inte har läst den än!

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  • I still don’t get the “friend” thing. When I get a “friend” request I ignore it unless it is someone that I watch on youtube. So I guess the question is (and if you answered this and I missed it sorry) does having “friends” really boost your ratings? I never bother to even look at their channels. Maybe I should? I respect the PM’s I get asking if I will look at their channel and sub it I like it. I have done that 95% more then “friends”.

  • difference between the stock?s current market value and your tax basis in them is the ?net unrealized appreciation? (NUA) ($200,000 – $20,000). This NUA is the gain you?ll have in the event you sold the stock


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